ROBERTS Ortus 2 DAB/DAB+/FM Digital Alarm Clock Radio


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The ideal bedside radio companion, ROBERTS’ Ortus 2 features dual alarms, fantastically handy any-button snooze, adjustable sleep and nap timers, and a USB charging socket to keep your smart device topped up while you sleep. Dual Alarms Choose to wake up to radio (DAB or FM) or a buzzer. You can set the duration of the alarm to 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes to suit, to make sure you’re up in time. Press any button to snooze your alarm – it’s so handy that you don’t have to fumble to find the right button (which can wake you up in the process!). Snooze time is adjustable, as well as sleep and nap functions, allowing you to put the morning on hold, or grab a well-deserved rest. The sleep function even fades the audio down gradually at the end of the chosen duration so you don’t get interrupted…and drift peacefully off… Crystal Clear DAB Experience the crystal clear reception of DAB digital radio, and the audio quality that ROBERTS are renowned for. FM frequency accounts for any stations that haven’t yet gone digital or are not digitally available in your area. 20 presets allow you to store a large number of your favourite stations with 3 instantly accessible via 3 preset buttons on top. Recharge Your Device Too With a USB charging port, it’s ideal for keeping your smart phone or tablet recharging overnight while you do the same! And an auxiliary in port means you can plug in and play tunes from your smart device, MP3 player or iPod to use the Ortus as your bedside speaker. Dimmable Digital Display The clear clock display is fully dimmable so you can find the right level of brightness throughout the night. Or in night-time mode the display fades completely to black, appearing brightly for 10 seconds at the touch of a button. The Ortus 2 is designed to offer superb radio quality and help you get a great night’s sleep.

H10.6 x W17 x D6.4cm

Ortus 2