Philips Hue Runner LED Warmglow Spotlight, 2 Light


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Create your ambiance with a directional light. With Philips Hue Ambiance spot Runner included in your Philips Hue system you can enjoy natural white light that helps you to wake up, energise, concentrate, read and relax. A high quality spotlight, built to last, with attention to detail. Turn on your moments Warm white to cool bright daylight Energise, concentrate, read and relax with light Wake up gently to your personal sunrise Turn on your peace of mind Control your lights from anywhere Set light schedules for easy home automation Guaranteed smooth wireless dimming Control your lights, your way Get ready for the day Enjoy a perfect read Unwind with warm white light Stay focused Please note: To create a more innovative look, this light has been designed to incorporate the LED within it. The integrated LED is not replaceable but has a lifespan up to 20,000 hours. LEDs use around 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and will last up to 20,000 hours.

H10.9 x W30.5 x D9cm