Olympus Pen F Compact System Camera With M.ZUIKO 17mm Prime Lens, HD 1080p, 20.3MP, Wi-Fi, Front Creative Dial, 5-Axis IS, 3 Vari-Angle Touch Monitor, Silver


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Finished with fine vintage charm, Olympus’ Pen F culminates 80 years of excellence. With its retro body and state-of-the-art features, this magnificent camera marries old and new like never before. Take high-spec snaps with the 20.3MP MOS sensor, share seamlessly through Wi-Fi and flex your imagination with the liberating Creative Dial. Backed by decades of pedigree, Olympus will let you relive the advent of portable photography with beastly quality. Breathtaking Power Armed with 20.3MP and the TruePic VII image processor, you’ll shoot sharp, eye-popping pictures at lightning speed. To complement still-life work, the 50M HiRes-Shot mode combines 8 shots in one to serve searing clarity. The included M.ZUIKO 17mm Prime Lens boasts a huge 1.8 aperture, giving striking depth-of-field blur for portraiture. Furthermore, the sky-high 25600 ISO delivers top low-light performance, without the noise. All in all, the Pen F is the instrument of a professional. Blur-Free Shots The Pen F’s 5-axis image stabiliser makes it much easier to iron out blur in on-the-move shots. This way, you’ll capture fast-moving action or spur-of-the-moment snaps with pin-sharp clarity. Flair-Inviting Creative Dial This camera’s unique Creative Dial is a fresh take on picture customisation. At a flick of the front switch, you can explore 4 modes. The Monochrome Profile Control lets you tinker with classic photo filters, the Colour Profile Control lets you toggle the saturation of 12 colours, the Art Filters mode gives a range of 14 effects and the Colour Creator lets you create a new hue to tinge your photo with. Such modes open up on-the-spot creativity so you can make your shots personal in an instant. Intelligent Electronic Viewfinder Frame your shots with finite efficiency through the High Visibility Viewfinder. Filled with 2.36MP resolution, your previews will be crisp, vivid and fluid. Apply effects in real-time to check if it works and track the sophisticated autofocus. Whatever you shoot, this is the ideal platform for pre and post production. Wireless Sharing & Control Using the OLYMPUS Image Share app (iOS & Android), you can control your Pen F and share content wirelessly. Once you link your smart device through Wi-Fi, you can import your shots at the touch of the ‘share’ icon on the monitor. Once imported, sharing on social media platforms is quick and easy. You can also use your smart device as a remote. Perfect for a nature shooting, you can use it as a live view to snap shots from your sofa. Other features include GPS tagging and in-depth photo editing. 4K Time Lapse Take advantage of the 4K revolution and make spectacular Time Lapse videos. Just create a series of images over time, like a sunset, then recompile them quickly into a sped-up 4K Time Lapse piece. This brilliant mode will add a new edge to your photography. Vari-Angle LCD Touch Screen The 3” Touch Screen on the camera’s rear lets you get into the most awkward of angles with its tiltable design. Just pull the screen toward you for it to tilt down, giving you a whole new avenue of possibility. Vintage Build, Premium Finish Gloriously textured and ergonomically shaped, the Pen F is a masterpiece of design. Its light aluminium body will mould in your hand as it becomes a portal of your imagination. Key Benefits: Powerful Live MOS, 20.3MP Sensor Top notch 25600 ISO delivers staggering low-light performance TruePic VII Processor and 5-Axis Image Stabiliser give stunning results Innovative Creative Dial opens up new photographic avenues Electronic 2.36MP Viewfinder makes shooting crisp and fluid Seamless sharing and remote control through the app Ravishingly retro look and premium build Lenses and cases One of the biggest advantages of this camera is the sheer shooting flexibility on offer. You can use additional lenses to take wide-angle, telephoto, or close-up shots to suit just about any situation. The shorter the focal length (measured in mm), the wider the view will be. The longer the focal length, the more telescopic the picture. With a selection of interchangeable lenses at your disposal, the creative possibilities are endless. Click here to browse our selection. Take care of your new camera with one of our cases. Click here to view the range. Note: Please check the compatibility with your camera.

Packaged: H8.3 x W22 x D22cm. Unpackaged: H7.2 x W12.5 x D3.7cm

Pen F