AEG FSS62600P Integrated Dishwasher, White


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With the FSS62600P dishwasher from AEG you will achieve impeccable cleaning, whatever the load. It has a generous XXL capacity, which means plenty of space for those irregular shaped items, and 6 customised wash programmes including the Auto 45°-70° programme, ideal for washing anything from glasses to roasting dishes. With this dishwasher you can choose to install it normally above a plinth, or, as it has a sliding hinge, it is perfect for plinthless kitchens or for installation above a small cupboard. It’s extra quiet – so quiet it projects a tiny red or green beam on to the floor to tell you when it’s running and when it’s finished. It’s also extra gentle, with a special glass program delivering perfect washing results while protecting your most precious glass, crystal and china. Satellite Spray Arm The innovative satellite spray arm makes sure that every corner of the machine, and every inch of the items inside, are thoroughly reached by spraying water. With five spray levels, the lower satellite spray arm and a third ceiling spray arm you get impeccable cleaning, whatever the load. AirDry Another clever feature, AirDry gives perfect drying results by automatically opening the door 10cm during the drying cycle, letting you maximise your drying performance with natural airflow. SoftSpikes and SoftGrip Your delicate glasses can not be cleaned in a safer way thanks to AEG SoftGrip and SoftSpikes, which perfectly and securely hold your glasses, protecting them from getting damaged. Auto shut-off When the wash has finished, the dishwasher will automatically turn itself off to save energy, so you never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on or forgetting about it. TimeSaver If you need your dishes washed in a hurry the TimeSaver function allows additional flexibility, with the option to reduce programme cycle times by up to 50%.

H81.8cm x W60cm x D57cm

FSS62600P Integrated Dishwasher